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Coors Field 2008 (Page Two)

As mentioned on the previous page, I have since moved to Colorado, have become a Rockies fan, and visit Coors Field about 25 - 30 times during the season.

Below are some updated photos and comments on recent visits to the stadium.

Left Field Entrance

With gas prices and downtown traffic, I take the Light Rail to Coors Field. As you walk to the park from Union Station, this is the left field entranceway you will walk through.

Items of interest:

- The 4th up (from the bottom of the photo) dark brick section of this walkway is a baseball diamond. The light colored bricks in that area is the pitcher's mound. The bricks have names of individuals who donated money when this stadium was being built.

- Also, note the benches individuals can sit on while waiting for the doors to open or for other members of their party. Also notice the slanted trestle with the baseball on top.

- The columns on each side of the trestle have 'balls' in them decorated creatively: 'eye' ball, 'cue' ball, 'hair' ball (not sure if they have that one) but you get the gist.

- Coors Field allows you to bring in outside food and drink (plastic bottles). No outside alcoholic beverages allowed. There're plenty of choices inside (and not just Coors). There are several vendors as you walk from Union Station to the ballpark that sell food and beverages at less than 1/2 price of what you would spend in the stadium.


Here's an updated photo of the fountains out in center field. I haven't quite figured out when they are active....certainly during a run or home run. This photo was taken before the game started so they must show them then. I've also seen them 'on' after the game. Quite a nice view of that if you go on the 1st level to center/right field after the game. You might see a duck or a ball in that garden area.

You'll notice the bullpens just to the right of the fountains. Rockies bullpen is closest to bottom of photo, visitor's after that separated by a green wall. Do note, there are plants and trees in the bullpens making it a pleasant environment for the relievers.

That's Brad Hawpe #11 warming up before the game.

And, of course, retired #42 of Jackie Robinson. A hero of mine.


Here's the scoreboard taken at a Pirates vs. Rockies game in July, 2008.

Just below the mountain and clock and above the Colorado Rockies logo is a photo of the 2007 NL Championship Title.

That was an awesome run for the Rockies and just a great experience for the city of Denver. With the 'black out' during one of the games and the ordering tickets via internet issues the city was all Rockies that September. Finally.

To the right of the scoreboard, you'll see a sponsor called King Soopers. A grocery store. They offer this great deal for Rockies fans. If you purchase $25 worth of groceries in a single visit, there's a coupon on your receipt to get $10 tickets to a future home game. There's not much better than that.

You can't get much better than the customer service at Coors Field. The ushers, the service staff, even the poor individuals who have to search your bag before entering the game are pleasant (though it is still annoying to have bags searched).

Just couldn't pass up sharing this gorgeous sunset over the Rockies taken from the 1st base side of Coors Field.

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