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Missoula Osprey
Pioneer League

Ogren Park @ Allegiance Field

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Date Visited:
July 26 & 27, 2008

Game Results:
Game 1: Helena Brewers 14; Missoula Osprey 4
Game 2: Helena Brewers 10; Missoula Osprey 7
Game 2 lasted 14 innings was the last game of the first half of the season.

Customer Service:
Very good.

Music Level/Usage:
Poor. At the one game I went to, they played some kind of 'noise/music' between every pitch. It really put a damper on an otherwise wonderful day at the ballpark.

Radio Broadcaster:
Very good. 930 AM. He called the game well and added some color commentary, when needed.

Called the starting line up twice, e.g., repeated the name. Music was shut off when announcing the visiting teams' starters (how sweet that was!); yet they turned it back on when announcing the Ospreys' starting line up. I just don't get it. The announcer was very alert. He recognized what was going on in the stands as well as on the field and made appropriate comments. Nicely done.


Here's the entranceway. One could park for free in the surrounding neighborhood and walk a block or pay $2 and park in the official lot and walk about the same distance.

As I walked up this path I knew I was going to be seeing a nice view of the mountains. If you didn't already, take a look at the photo on the top of the page for a majestic view.

Benches and a cement railing to sit on while waiting for friends or the gates to open. Very, very nice. They even planted trees here so, in a few years, they'll be in the shade. More parks should have that.

The seating area. The high net stopped at the dugouts. After that, there was maybe a 3 foot high net across the dugout as shown here in the lower left of the photo. I sat in the 5th row above the dugout and was able to see over the net. Very nice.

Here's another shot of the view from the seats.

Here's the field taken from the first base side. Note the dirt path from home plate to the pitchers mound.

There's a grassy berm out in left field where folks can bring blankets and sit for the game. Lots of kids ended up burning off steam in this area during the game.

If memory serves me correctly, a player got awarded with a home run if he hit the second level of billboards (maybe it was the third).You can see the billboards kind of taper off as they get closer to center field.

It's not a bad view from the first base side, either.

And then, I discovered the osprey (the real one - not the players.) There was a nest out in center field. Throughout the game you saw one, two, three, even four ospreys soaring through the air. I didn't know which osprey I wanted to watch more: the ones on the field or the ones in the air.

Here's the osprey nest out in center field. I was able to capture one landing onto the nest.

The building in the background is Saint Patrick's Hospital, helijet port and all.

And, of course, more mountains.

There's the hospital again.

There must have been a bike trail around the back of the ballpark. I saw several folks riding their bikes in that area. Some of them (shown here) stopped for a few to watch the game.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo. I took about 10 or 15 and this one seemed to come out the best.

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Posted: 7/30/08