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Helena Brewers

Kindrick Field
1300 N. Ewing Street
Helena, MT 59601
406) 495-0500

Additional Information about the Helena Brewers:

Things To Do In The Area:

Helena Brewers Website
Red Lion (Host Hotel)
Gates of the Mountains (boat trip on Missouri River)
Last Chance Tour Train (an hour tour around the city)
Helena Visitors Bureau
BrewHouse (Pub and Grille)

Notes and Photos:

Customer Service:
It was okay.

Music Level:
It was fine. Not too loud.

When calling the starting line up, they even lowered the music level so you could hear the line up. Sweet.

Here's down the third base side. I took this from a hole in the fence in the outfield. It's an older stadium, built in 1939. It's a bit on the run down side.

I actually ended up getting a free ticket for this game. I was on line to buy a ticket and the lady in front of me had an extra GA (general admission) ticket and asked me if I wanted it. I said sure. She gave it to me. It sounds like if you have a GA ticket you can spend $1 or $2 and upgrade to a 'real' seat. I didn't do that because the 'real' seats were behind the net (see netted area in photo) and I didn't want to sit there.

One was able to walk around the entire stadium. Some of the pathway was paved, other areas were gravel. As I was walking around this area, several home run practice balls were hit and managed to land in this walkway. I picked a few of them up but a kid from the Helena Brewers organization came looking for them. I guess they reuse them for batting practice. I gave them back.

The stadium is located in a city park. Most of the other features of the city park are new: swimming pool, childrens' playground. Not quite sure why they haven't updated this stadium.

I just like this photo. These are the Billings Mustangs stretching out/warming up. It's funny they are called the Mustangs. This almost looks like the start of a race.

In this photo, you can see portions of the surrounding neighborhood as well as the mountains beyond the field.

Here's a closer look at the 'real' seats and the net. The net runs all the way from first base, around home plate and ending at the third base line.

You can see the steps going into the dugout. The home team dugout was on the firstbase side, shown here.

A nice 'dusk' photo.

One that shows the nice view of the mountains.

I enjoyed my visit here and in Helena. I'd come back. Met some folks at the game that made it entertaining. That was a good thing since the play of the Brewers was so poor this evening. Oh yeah, they offered a local brewery's beer in the concessions. That's kind of nice. If you get a chance, go to the Brew House before the game. It's less than a mile from the stadium. Link above.

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Posted: 7/28/08