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Reno Aces

Aces Ballpark
250 Evans St
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 334-4700

The Reno Aces are a team in the Pacific Coast League; AAA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I graciously received a media pass from the Reno Aces and a special thanks goes out to Zak Basch for the pass.
This pass allowed me to get in the park early, walk around and check out all the facilities and features of the park, interview the staff, and have many photo opportunities.

Date Visited: July 16, 2011

Customer Service: Excellent

Here's the main entranceway.

The neighborhood surrounding the stadium is kind of iffy. Not a neighborhood that a female would feel comfortable walking.

Recommendation: Take a taxi or pedicab.

This area down the third base side on the second level is called the Freight House District.

It houses several bars and eating establishments as noted in the photo below.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Paley

Found here is:

Things I like about Aces Ballpark:

A nice night shot.

The 10 poles located in right/center field provide a fantastic 'light show' after each run for the Aces. The 'flags' on those poles display the logos of each Pacific Coast League team.

There is a grassy berm for folks to picnic.

There is a group/party area called the Captain Morgan Lookout beyond the lights in right/center field.

Things I didn't like about Aces Ballpark:

One can walk around the entire concourse to see the game from a variety of spots.

There are ledges where fans can stop, park, place their belongings, and simply watch the game as desired. In this photo, you can see individuals doing just that around the left/center concourse.

Those ledges are not only in the outfield but also all along the infield concourse.

The biggest surprise and most delightful entertainment is the 7th inning stretch. There is a baseball head blown up over the batter's eye. And, this baseball head sings the 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' song. Its lips move and sound was clear. It was so charming and unusual!

Photo courtesy of Barbara Paley

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