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Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick is the new (in 2011) spring training facility for both the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Prior to the 2011 season, both teams had facilities in Tucson, AZ. The move north by these teams brings the entire Cactus League to the Phoenix, AZ area.


The Name:

Salt River Fields alerts baseball fans that they are visiting the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

Fields refers to the 12 practice fields located within the facility and also the Community’s rich agricultural history.

Talking Stick is a historical reference to the traditional Pima calendar stick on which carvers recorded historical events and milestones.

taken from Salt River Fields Website


Date Visited: March 11, 12, 14, 2011

Customer Service: Very good. Lots of folks around the concourse ready to assist fans.

Ease of getting in/out: Not too bad. I didn't drive. A suggestion if you go - park in the Target lot on Indian Bend Rd. and walk over.

Here's one of the entranceways. This one is known as the Rockies entrance.

There are three entranceways into the complex.

As mentioned earlier, park in the Target lot (free) then walk over to the stadium.

The dark structure on the left beyond the entrance banner contains the batting cages. No seeds, spitting, or gum allowed.

While walking down the concourse on the first base side, one can protect their face and skin (which I did) using sunblock compliments of Healthcare West.

Thank you, Healthcare West.

Things I liked about Salt River Fields

One can walk around the entire concourse and continuously see the field. This was taken from the center/left field concourse.

The structure above the concourse behind the infield is where the announcer, radio broadcast, newspaper writers, and other officials watch the game.

Next to that structure are the second level seating areas.

Above that structure is the Pepsi Patio. This area provides fans with a beautiful view of the mountains beyond the ballpark and of the field (without net obstruction).

The concourse. In most areas, it was nice and wide.

With a full house at most of the games I attended, it did get crowded.

A shot of the mountain view from the facility.

The building to the left of the scoreboard is the Arizona Diamondbacks clubhouse, locker room, and offices.

Below that, you can see the huge field seating area on the left field side of the park.

The field.

A note on the logo... see behind homeplate in this photo or on top of this page.

taken from Salt River Fields website

The logo incorporates a rattlesnake to symbolize the Arizona Diamondbacks and a mountain to symbolize the Colorado Rockies. The logo also emphasizes the scenic mountain ranges that surround Salt River Fields at Talking Stick and illustrates the role of the rattlesnake in southwestern Native American legends.

I thought this was a cool photo with the lights, the mountains, the sprinklers, the sun glare, the green grass.

There are 13 baseball diamonds at this facility: 6 practice fields for the Rockies; 6 practice fields for the Diamondbacks; and the one for spring training games.

Things I didn't like about Salt River Fields

This area is known as either the Coors Light Cold Zone or the Miller Lite Taste Zone. I'm going to guess this one is the Coors Light Cold Zone since it was down the first base line.

First base is the Rockies dugout, bullpen, office, gift shop, and entrance; third base is the Diamondbacks.

Not shown but to the right of this photo is the area for the bullpen.

Here's the first base side.

On the concourse you can see the Rockies building that contains the locker room, club house, offices, etc. The yellow umbrellas are the Coors Light Cold Zone.

The grass seating in right field is full at this game.


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